Peace and Justice


Working for Positive Change

Environmental and energy issues

The church's commitment to conserving our resources includes recycling of paper, glass, plastic and aluminum as well asthe installation of barrels to capture rainwater for use in the garden. We use recycled paper products where possibleand energy-efficient light bulbs, plus we post the newsletter and sermontranscripts on our web site. Air-conditioning in our sanctuary is generated by hand fans from Presbyterians for Earth Care, a national grassrootsorganization working toward eco-justice and protection of the environment.

Havinghad our own energy audit, we promote home energy audits to members of ourcongregation and our community and have been active in providing informationabout global warming and the hazards of nuclear energy.

Death penalty issues

Some members of our church actively support Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (GFADP), a statewide coalition of concerned organizations and individuals working for greater fairness in Georgia's criminal justice systems and for an end to capital punishment. In 2008, our Session approved a resolution supporting GFADP's call for a moratorium on executions in Georgia.

Peacemaking issues

We address peace and justice issues continually via vigils, e-mail action and community events. We participate annually in the PC USA's Peacemaking Offering.

Gay and lesbian issues/Covenant Network

We welcome gays and lesbians and their God-given talents to our congregation, and we support the work of the Covenant Network,, a national group of clergy and lay leaders working for a fully inclusive church.

Immigration issues

NPC has been actively involved in issues of immigration ever since the Sanctuary Movement in the 1980's. Immigrants are encouraged to legalize their status whenever possible and become successful members of the community. Advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform is actively pursued.

Fair Trade Coffee

The coffee crisis in Latin America has forced many small farmers to cease production because of low prices. In their support, we offer fair trade coffee and tea for sale to NPC members and friends, and we purchase it for use at NPC fellowship events.

Zatoun Olive Oil and Spices

Supporting the farmers of Palestine in their struggle for their livelihood and land. Farmers are paid fair trade prices and one dollar of each bottle sold goes to Project Hope, an arts and education program for young people in Palestine. An additional amount goes to replant olive trees inside Palestine that have been destroyed by the occupation.